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  09 Feb 2020 - Rebirth system!

Hey. Some of you are probably wondering what reborn really is.
Let's start with the requirements:
minimum level 150, there is no maximum level on which you have to do rebirth (it can be even 1000)
Where to make rebirth?
Temple Thais - Npc Quentin (we write: Hi, rebirth)
What happens after reborn?
We are coming back to level 8, thanks to which we can do more rebirths, THERE ARE 5 !!
Will exp be the same as for level 221 and level 300?
Exp will be in accordance with the table on the OTS website (tibia86.eu)
1 - 20 lv X80
21 - 40 lv X60
41 - 60 X50
61-80 X40
81 - 100 X30
101 - 120 X20
121 - 140 X10
141 - 160 X8
161 - 180 X6
181 - 220 X4
221 - 300 X2
301 + X1

Is rebirth beneficial?
Of course. Thanks to each rebirth, we gain additional mana and life. For example, we have 300 lvl - 1650 hp and 7500 mana, after reborn our LIFE, MANA and SKILE stay with us and continue to grow with each level. We can do rebirth at higher levels, which will translate into a higher number of mana and life points after 5 reborn.
Additional benefits:
access to rebirth island, where there are bosses with rebirth items and games to upgrade eq
new spells

posted by God

  09 Feb 2020 - Magic Gems

You have been thinking recently about strengthening your character❓❓
If so, it works out perfectly. I will try to describe everything in the guide, which will consist of three parts:
first (getting games)
second (what bonuses can we get)
third (upgrade eq)
At the beginning I would like to show you what types of games we have (they were placed in the picture and marked with specific colors).
❤️NR. 1 Upgrade Gem - red ❤️
💛NR. 2 Create Slot Gem - yellow 💛
💜NR. 3 Rare Gem - purple 💜
💚NR. 4 Epic Gem - green 💚
💙NR. 5 Legendary Gem - blue 💙
🧡NR. 6 Random Gem - orange 🧡
How to get them 🤔❓❓
We acquire Gems Upgrade from bosses Undead Gladiator and Enlightened of the Cult and Enlightened of the Cult which can be found on Yalahar and Rebirth Island. They can also be obtained from Verminora - the boss on Rebirth Island. These monsters are strengthened, so be careful with low levels. Gemy also offers us NPC Marvik who is on the 2nd floor of the depot in Thais. Last on the 2nd floor depot in Thais. The last option is an item shop where you can buy them by logging into our account via the website: www.tibia86.eu
Create Slot Gem is obtained from Cublarc the Plunderer bosses near Thais. we get from Cublarc the Plunderer bosses respected near Thais. The second option to get them is to complete quests. We also have the option of buying them in an item shop.
Rare Gem is obtained after completing some tasks, the second way to get them is to fight the boss Verminor, which I mentioned earlier.
As in the case of Rare Gem, Epic Gem can be obtained by performing sticks, or by fighting the boss Verminor
Legendary Gem the principle is the same as before, i.e. Taski and the fight with the Verminor boos
Random Gem is the only item we can get by buying it in the item shop. COST - 170 points for 3 Random Gem
(can become Rare, Epic, Legendary Gem
when upgrading eq)

posted by God

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